• Technical Advising

Our on set tactical and technical advisors will ensure authenticity of all aspects of military related material for the production.  Our military experts have served in the most specialized, disciplined, and rigorous units within the military.  We have an unprecedented group of Special Operators whose combined experience adds the most value to every project.

  • Department of Defense Support

Crossed Arrows liaisons with DoD advisors to provide a one-source package for every production, to include coordination’s with land use, vehicles, and military leaders.  Working with DoD can be difficult to navigate without speaking the military language, allow us to bridge the gap for you.

  • Actor Training

There is no other company that is currently consulting in Hollywood that can “train, advise and assist” like Crossed Arrows can.  Our former Special Forces operators will ensure authenticity with dialog coaching, tactical weapons instruction, and individual / team training events.  Training indigenous forces is one of the primary missions of Green Berets, we are good at it, very good.

  • Script Development

The earlier you bring us on board with your project, the more time and resources you will save.  Authenticity, realism, and functional flow can be creatively mapped out at the earliest point to save time and money on script rewrites and production time.

  • Choreography

As stated previously, our expert retired Special Operations soldiers are masters of combat with inside experience from all levels of operations and command, which will bring realism and authenticity to every shot.  We are experienced trainers that have specialized in teaching and advising throughout our military careers, often with the added challenges of cultural differences and language barriers. We can supply weapons handling instruction, hand-to-hand combat training, individual, team and large-scale military operations choreography.  CAC also has the resources to provide former Special Operators for scenes that require a special skill set from Urban Warfare to Jungle operations.  Let us get the scene right for you with our expert knowledge and refined skill sets.

  • Wardrobe, Props and Weapons

Crossed Arrows will coordinate with costume companies for required military uniforms and props for your production ensuring the proper wear, fit, and appearance.  There is a term we prior service veterans refer to as “Military Bearing”, it is something that we hold dear when wearing the uniform, out of respect for those who tread before us and those who have taken our place.  Bearing, discipline, and demeanor will change with the varying ranks and services; allow us to help you navigate those waters.  We also have the ability to bring firearms to the set for realism with our staff of Federal Firearm Licensed colleagues.

  • Post Production Consulting

Ensuring realism from the initiation of the project until completion, we strive to ensure authenticity throughout the entire process.

  • Location Consulting

Not only is Crossed Arrows able to provide expert tacticians, we know the operational environment and the terrain you desire for every production as our consultants have been to every combat zone over the past 30 years.  We can coordinate the closest locations for the movement of your required DoD equipment to save on time and money.

  • Marketing

Our in depth knowledge of military audiences allows us to ensure that you are reaching your target in an effective manner through all available media outlets.

  • Brand Integration

Whether you are looking to have product placement or targeted branding for your production, we can assist in ensuring you meet your marketing objectives.

  • Other Services

Worldwide Location Site Survey’s:

CAC can provide pre-site survey expeditions to remote locations with cultural assessment and site security teams available to ensure a seamless production saving precious time and resources.  Our teams can conduct regional security assessments, threat analysis, vet and employ local security teams, all to ensure the safety of your crew and equipment.

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