Crossed Arrows Consulting was formed out of a passion for film and specifically authenticity in military / law enforcement productions.  The pedigree of former soldiers that CAC can offer to our clients is unprecedented in the film industry.  After the past 12 years of conflict, CAC has the most recent breed of Special Operations combat veterans who can draw from their real life experiences to bring realism to every project, TV, Film, or the Gaming industry.  The United States Army Special Forces, or Green Berets, are widely known for their ability to adapt to any environment, be culturally aware, and lead indigenous soldiers in the harshest of conditions.  We are trainers by nature and warriors at heart.  The same skills that made our Special Operations veterans successful operators transfer directly to being value added additions to any project requiring military or law enforcement insight.  CAC’s ability to perform the tasks for the scene, train actors on Special Operations tasks, or choreograph an entire scene is second nature. CAC is proud to include professional military advisor’s from not only US Army Special Forces, but also the Army’s elite Delta Force and US Army Rangers.

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